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Since Subaru in cooperation with WebMobil24 in March this year, the used car market has lifted used cars under www.subaru.de / from the baptism, more and more Subaru partners sign. Almost half of the approximately 430 sales and service partners are already connected. Rising. The use of the online exchange is free of charge for all brand dealers in the basic version. The package can be expanded to include numerous additional services of WebMobil24.

"Increased sales opportunities drastically"

Volker Dannath, Managing Director of Subaru Germany GmbH:

"Our experience with WebMobil24 are consistently positive. About half a year after the launch, already beteiligtsich half of Subaru-partner 207 dealers and workshops on the new portal. It is interesting for us, the pooling and expansion of pre-existing offers. The used cars of our contracting partner subaru.de on our site, increase to webmobil24.de, the dealers own pages and up to 140 other used car portals to sehen.Dadurch the opportunities drastically: We have already seen that the number of visitors to very well developed. Currently the complete Subaru used car market includes nearly 9,000 vehicles. The offer of webmobil24.de We especially therefore convinced because the free basic package, the threshold for entry low hält.Der individual merchant has the modular design the chance to book more targeted functionalities. We assume that the number of participating partners will continue to rise steadily.

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